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This is the age of technology, information, and sharing. We have realized new freedoms in business, entertainment, and education as we transcend to a space of unlimited possibilities - all achieved through the wonders of fiber optic technology.

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The future of business through fiber

Phonoscope Global and the future of business through fiber.

Fiber deployments in the United States grew by 13% in 2015, and according to a study conducted by TVA LLC on behalf of the FHCA, nearly one in five fiber connections worldwide are in the United States. This fact as well as growing evidence that Nielsen's Law, which states connection speeds on high end connections are projected to increase at a rate of approximately 50% annualy, as they have been since 1983, this provides startling insights toward global IP traffic trends in the future.

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    Enjoy the luxury of super-charged, powerful Gigabit Internet. Through the evolution of Gigabit Internet, enjoy the use of multiple devices to download HD movies within seconds, securely videoconference family & friends, play games in stunningly-clear picture quality, quickly download/upload large files, and beyond - all at the speed of light!

    Crystal Clear HD Movies & Television

    Get powerful, high quality broadband at unbelievable speeds. Phonoscope FiberĀ® has built the absolute fastest-fiber optic network for your high-demand entertainment needs. Enjoy endless video streaming without interruption. Download and watch HD movies within seconds - plus, get IP television included in all plans.

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    Crystal Clear HD Movies & Television
    Lightning fast Home-to-Work Communication

    Lighting Fast Home-to-Work Communication

    Become a game-changer for innovative business through home-to-work accessibility. Spend less time commuting, and more time sealing important deals. Gigabit Internet allows for increased productivity, reduced costs, and smarter management from the comforts of home. Rely on fast, secure internet speeds for videoconferencing, managing large business files, and more.

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