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• Packages for Phonoscope IPTV services include Silver, Gold and Platinum. Please speak with a customer service professional for further detail regarding channels and pricing.

• Upon installation of your IPTV services the technician will program your remote control for use on both the Set Top Box as well as your TV.

• Power on television

  • Press
  • Press
  • Press
  • Press
• For questions regarding IPTV services, installation, or other programming contact our support team at 713-272-4600

Option 1:

  • a. Press
  • b. Highlight the channel program you wish to record
  • c. Press (a red circle indicates your program is being recorded)
Option 2:
  • a. Use the search option on your IPTV remote to manually search for the title you wish to record.
  • b. Press “record” (a red circle [Where does the red circle appear?] indicates your program is being recorded)

1. In the event there is a show scheduled during a previously programmed time, you should expect to experience interruptions

2. In the event that there is a live program being scheduled that does not either air at the designated time or end at the designated time, your DVR will automatically begin recording the program assigned during that time (example: “I recorded the presidential debate set to begin at 5:00 pm on NBC, but my recording stopped because Dancing With the Stars began recording at 7:00 pm.”)

3. Recordings that overlap will experience interruptions, unless settings are manually changed in your DVR to prevent the interruption. (Please contact a customer service professional for assistance or further detail)

• Verify TV is in-sync

  • 1. When your services are installed, your TV is tuned to an HDMI input. Check all HDMI inputs first
  • 2. In the event that the TV is out of sync, you will need to verify that both the Set Top Box and television are powered on (see below)

• Verify TV power

The following steps are performed using the television remote control and NOT the remote control provided by Phonoscope.

  • 1. Press “TV” to default the controller to the your TV
  • 2. Press “power”
  • 3. Wait a few seconds to allow the television to power on (This is the solution in most cases)

• Verify power Set Top Box

The following steps are performed using the Phonoscope provided remote control

  • 1. Verify that your Set Top Box is powered on
  • 2. A blue light indicates that the device is powered on

  • • Verify cabling
  • 1. Ensure that all cables and connections are tightened or plugged securely in place.

• Reset converter

  • 1. Unplug the converter box power cord from your wall outlet
  • 2. Disconnect all cables from your Set Top Box.
  • 3. Wait 15-20 seconds before reconnecting all cables exactly as they were before disconnection.

(In the event that your converter box resets and the issue persists, please contact Phonoscope support at 713-272-4600)

• Activate online account

  • 1. Login to https://cableanytime.com/Phonoscope/
  • 2. Scroll to the “My Account” tab
  • 3. Select “Cable TV Account”
  • 4. Select “Register for the first time”
  • 5. Enter the requested account information to completion
  • 6. Select “Register”
  • 7. You will receive a confirmation email asking you to verify your newly created account, please follow the instructions provided in this email to complete your account verification.

• Pay Bill
  • 1. Under the Billing tab, select “Make a Payment”
  • 2. Enter desired Payment amount
  • 3. Select “Continue”
  • 4. Enter credit card information
  • 5. Select "Submit Payment"

Account Summary Lists billing cycle, previous balance, recent payments, and total balance after credits/ deductions.

Current Month Activity Lists new charges for the current billing period as well as any changes to the services, recurring charges, prorates, credits, taxes, surcharges, and fees.

Payment Slip Utilize this as a reference for your monthly statement. Due date, account number, previous balance, payments, current charges, and amount due are all listed on the payment slip. You may also use this to mail in payments

Live Support

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