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What does Gigabit speed mean to me...

We live in an age of rapidly changing technology, information overload, and new methods of sharing. You have new ways of doing business, new ways of connecting with family, and more and more entertainment options. With a Fiber-To-The-Home connection you will open a world of unlimited possibilities for a Gigabit Lifestyle. Open the portal of your imagination and enjoy the online experience of the Gigabit Lifestyle with lightning speed, reliability and security.

Phonoscope Fiber Communications

Phonoscope Fiber Communications®


Phonoscope Fiber Communications® delivers the same powerful bandwidth in the home that is used and trusted to support large Enterprise, School Districts, Universities, and Hospitals. This means you can count on the fastest most reliable and secure online experience available

Traditional copper, coax cable technology is susceptible to more interference and less reliable and obsolete. Every day new information technology equipment, applications and deployment methods are developed and the demand for bandwidth increases. The limitations of the old technology cannot support the ever-growing need for bandwidth, but fiber optic technology can.

Phonoscope Fiber Communications® offers a true fiber optic symmetrical connection. That means equal speed up and down. The Phonoscope network is over 23,000 miles of pure light fiber backbone with redundant rings, providing you with the fastest and most reliable internet speeds available anywhere.

"Sustainable technology for responsible lifestyles"

Our network is a pure 100% fiber infrastructure comprised of silica glass that uses light to transmit the data. Silica glass is made from sand - an inexhaustible resource that uses far less energy and creates far less pollution to manufacture than the extraction of copper from its ore.

Phonoscope Fiber Communication's Fiber-To-The-Home generally consumes less energy than traditional broadband technologies. Our gigabit active Ethernet and optical wavelength network layers are built for energy efficiency.

Sustainable Fiber Technology

Welcome to the Gigabit family

“We truly care about our customers as the Phonoscope family”

Welcome to the Gigabit Family

Phonoscope Fiber Communications is now rolling out the light-speed network access in certain communities around Greater Houston providing you with the fastest and most reliable internet speeds available which will enable you to share big ideas in an instant and leave you with more time for the connections that matter at home.

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